What is it?

Is there a way to touch your thoughts?

Imagine you could find a tool that could enrich and deepen your NLP skills. A playful yet serious method that guarantees flexibility, new insights, profound communication and a physical representation of your and your clients’ inner world. A way to actually touch your thoughts.

We found it some years ago in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) method.

LSP was first developed in the late 90’s within the LEGO® Company to access creativity, deep communication and problem-solving skills to diagnose, strategize and solve real business challenges. It draws from constructivism, constructionism, metaphor thinking and play theory. Since those early days it has spread around the globe and been used by hundreds of teams, top level companies and nonprofit organizations.

We can think of LSP as a language, one that does not only use spoken or written words but relies on the symbolic power and almost infinite possibilities of LEGO® Bricks. It is quite a colorful, 3 dimensional and easy to learn language. 

As NLPers we know that language is not only a tool used to describe reality, but an instrument to create it both inner and outwardly. Bandler and Grinder said it in the late 70’s: language is the structure of magic. It is through language that we create bonds, solve problems, make sense of the world around us, create plans, take action and even embark to discover who we are and who we want to be. 

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a powerful and elegant language that make thoughts solid just in front of us, enables us to use our minds and hands to co-construct new realities with others, makes astonishingly easy to access to the messages of our profound mind. LSP opens a new door to explore submodalities, metaprograms, anchors, states of excellence, logical levels, reframing, metaphors… A new door to keep on building, playing and communicating.

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